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Although rare, rabies is an extremely debilitating infection, which affects the brain and nerves in the human body. It's most commonly contracted through the bite of an infected animal. In the majority of cases a dog. Asia, Africa and Central America have the highest instances of breakouts. Although cases have been reported worldwide.  

The consequences of contracting rabies is extremely serious and most cases, if not adequately treated, will result in death of the patient. Vaccination can significantly reduce this risk. Which is why it's imperative to protect yourself if you're travelling to continents where rabies is present. Particularly as symptoms can take several weeks to manifest.  

The rabies vaccine is delivered in multiple doses with the full course generally taking between 3-4 weeks. Each individual injection needs time to bed in before the next one can be administered. Therefore we recommend booking in for your rabies vaccine with our PDC travel clinic at least a calendar month before your intended date of travel.  

If you don't have the luxury of this length of time please give us a call and one of our vaccination clinicians may be able to arrange a fast-track program on your behalf.

How can our treatments help?

  • Offers protection against the onset of rabies symptoms
  • Reduces the risk of a rabies-related fatality
  • Medically delivered in an accredited travel clinic

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You will receive a personalised treatment plan specifically designed to suit your individual requirements. Everything from your consultation and preparation through to your personal recovery plan will be produced uniquely for you. The listed price is indicative for this procedure, but your Doctor will confirm the cost of treatment with you and make sure you have all your questions answered before we go ahead.

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