Skin Flap Excision

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What can our specialists do for you?

Flap excisions are a recognised plastics procedure for moles that can be removed by a technique that prevents an unsightly scar that can occur through less advanced techniques of mole removal.

Flap excision involves using tissue adjacent to the mole to fill the gap created. The approach our GPs will take will be dictated entirely by the extent and location of the mole itself, so a consultation will be required beforehand in clinic so we can assess the affected area and determine how to achieve the best results for the patient.

How can our treatments help?

  • Improve the appearance of damaged skin
  • Smooth out signs of scarring
  • Positively impact patient confidence

Your appointment

What to expect

You will receive a personalised treatment plan specifically designed to suit your individual requirements. Everything from your consultation and preparation through to your personal recovery plan will be produced uniquely for you. The listed price is indicative for this procedure, but your Doctor will confirm the cost of treatment with you and make sure you have all your questions answered before we go ahead.

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