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Lipoma Removal


  • At PDC we know how important it is to have cyst removed and that is why we provide same day service for cyst removal at our clinics. Our cyst removal service is run by qualified surgeons and doctors who work in both the NHS and private sector.

    We have a trained team who operate daily on removing such lesions.

    Whether you need a sebaceous cyst removal or a lipoma removal, we will help you.

    We offer free consultation and free follow-up to all our customers.

    In addition, we offer a flat rate removal cost of £250 for small lesions and a flat rate of £350 for larger lesions. 

    We recommend acting on removing cysts early to avoid complications and our trained team, lead by Dr Khaled Sadek, will take you through the process with care.

    Below is a video of a lipoma removal from our London clinic.

  • Sterile & safe extraction by our highly trained doctors
  • No hidden charges
  • Free follow-up care
  • Price match and beat competition

Lipoma Removal Treatment

A lipoma is a benign lump that forms under the skin. They are the product of an overgrowth of fat cells that can spring up anywhere on the human body. A lipoma is unsightly and can grow rapidly. Removing them early will reduce the risk of scarring. 

Our doctors will remove the lipoma under local anaesthetic, with minimal visible scarring incurred and removal of sutures after healing.

We are unbeatable on price and customer satisfaction.

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You will receive a personalised treatment plan specifically designed to suit your individual requirements. Everything from your consultation and preparation through to your personal recovery plan will be produced uniquely for you. The listed price is indicative for this procedure, but your Doctor will confirm the cost of treatment with you and make sure you have all your questions answered before we go ahead.

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