Contraceptive Implant Removal

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Contraceptive Implant Removal


  • Doctor will safely remove
  • Can offer alternative contraception and prescription
  • Dont suffer with symptoms
  • Renew your implant

Contraceptive Implant Removal

Our doctors are well trained on women's health and contraception implant removal. They will guide you through the procedure and offer medical advice on what to do next. 

Dont wait to have your contraception needs attended to by medical professionals, book to have your contraceptive implanted removal today. 

This simple procedure will require a small amount of local anaesthetic around the affected area and a tiny incision. You may need a single stitch, and may feel slightly sore once the aesthetic wears off, but this shouldn't impede your movement and the minor discomfort can be easily managed with painkillers. Our team can answer any questions you have have contraceptive implant removal. 

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What to expect

You will receive a personalised treatment plan specifically designed to suit your individual requirements. Everything from your consultation and preparation through to your personal recovery plan will be produced uniquely for you. The listed price is indicative for this procedure, but your Doctor will confirm the cost of treatment with you and make sure you have all your questions answered before we go ahead.

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