About Us

Where are you located?
We have locations across London. Take a look at our interactive map under 'Clinics'. 

Who will treat me?
All our doctors are UK trained GPs, recognised by the GMC and Royal College of GPs. They have a wide range of clinical experience, built over many years. 

How experienced are your doctors?
All our doctors are very experienced and accredited by the Royal College of GPs, they also have minor surgery accreditation from the Royal College of GP’s.  

I have an NHS GP can I still use your services?
Yes, this is a private service available to anyone. 

Im coming from abroad, can I still use your services?
Yes, this is a private service available to anyone.


Before Your Treatment

Can I ask questions before I commit?
Yes, in fact we encourage it. 

Can I send a photo to help with my assessment?
Yes, in fact we encourage this as it allows are doctors to make a swift assessment of your case.Please send photographs to info@privatedoctorclinic.com 

Does the size affect the price?
Yes, for larger lesions our surgeon will need to make sure it comes out safely, which may take a bit more of his time and skill. 

Does the number of lesions affect the price?
Yes, but not hugely. The more information you provided the better your quote


Can I come for a consultation only?

Can I have a consultation and surgery during the same appointment?

Does my booking fee go towards the quoted price?

Is my booking fee refundable if I miss my appointment?
No, unless you tell us in good time. 

Is histology automatically included in the price?
No, an additional cost if medically indicated. 

How long will it take?
Lipoma and cyst surgery usually takes about 30-40min. 

Will I be asleep during the procedure?
No, all procedures are done under local anaesthetic. 

Can I return to work the next day?
Yes you can if the doctor gives you the all clear. 

Will I have a scar?
Yes, if we remove a cyst or lipoma a scar will develop depending on the size of the original lesion.

 Can cysts and lipoma reoccur?
Yes they can, but usually at another location if at all. 

Coil Removal

Will having my coil removed hurt as much as having it put in?

How long will removing my coil take?
All in all less than a few minutes. 

When can I start planning my pregnancy?
Straight away, but you might want to wait for your normal cycle to restart.

After Care

Is the follow-up consultation included in my quote?
Yes, our team look forward to seeing your progress as well as assist you throughout your treatment. Follow up consultation is included. 

Will I need antibiotics?
Occasionally our doctor my recommend a short course. 

Will I need stitches and for how long?
Sometimes we use stitches which are dissolvable. If we use non-dissolvable stitches then we recommend they are removed 7-10 days after the procedure. 

Will the prescription be private?